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How Making a Client ‘Famous’ Led to Front Page Coverage

A common challenge in PR – no matter what sector – is maintaining client visibility during inevitable news lulls, where […]

By |Sep 24 2014|PR|

3 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Direct for PR

New social media channels always mean new potential opportunities for PR agencies. Last week, we saw the rise of Instagram […]

By |Dec 16 2013|PR, Social Media|

Will Facebook’s ‘News’ Feed Ever Live Up to Is Name?

News consumption in the Digital Era is in the midst of a revolutionary shift, with social networks transforming into something […]

By |Oct 28 2013|Social Media|

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your PR Agency

A lot of the public relations blogs out there are great references for tips and tricks on how PR agencies […]

By |Oct 14 2013|PR|

Google’s Updated SEO Guidelines: A Threat to PR? Not So Much

Recently, one of my colleagues circulated an article that caught my attention:  Did Google Just Kill PR Agencies? In this […]

By |Sep 10 2013|PR|

Identity for Civility’s Sake: Huffington Post’s Troll Takedown

Troll: One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with intention of causing maximum disruption […]

By |Aug 26 2013|Social Media|

Heineken Brews Up a Marketing Campaign Targeted at Adventurers

Heineken’s newest marketing campaign is asking travelers to drop everything and board a round-trip flight to an exotic destination, with […]

By |Jul 23 2013|PR|

Happy 5th Birthday, App Store!

If you own an iPhone or iPad, chances are, you spend a decent amount of your daily life on it […]

By |Jul 10 2013|Blog|

Lights, Camera, Action (and Filter): Video Comes to Instagram

Pets. Food. Sunsets. “Selfies.” These are just a select few of the most commonly photographed items that appear on our […]

By |Jun 24 2013|Social Media|

Kellogg Converts Instagram Photos into Currency

It’s not uncommon for retailers to turn to social media to drive sales – in fact, in today’s always-online world, […]

By |Jun 10 2013|Blog, Social Media|