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There are many strategies that can help businesses deal with a PR crisis.

A PR crisis can happen fast. An unexpected event ripples throughout the company and executives go into crisis mode, seeking shelter in the board room. Employees whisper in the hallways. And, once that crisis spreads to the outside world, public companies often…

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Google Helpouts could become an important tool for businesses.

Last Monday, Google officially launched another service in the company’s ongoing quest to make information accessible: Google Helpouts.
At March Communications, we occasionally use the older cousin of Helpouts – Google Hangouts – to arrange virtual, face-to-face meetings between clients and journalists…

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Just as the world continues to become increasingly globalized, both economically and commercially, so too is the world of PR. No longer isolated to efforts in local regions, PR is as much an international endeavor today as commerce and trade. Gaining exposure…

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Pic Stitch - Boston PRoud

Last night, Boston’s PR crowd took over Dillon’s, Lir and Back Bay Social Club on Boylston Street to raise money for The One Fund. And what an event it was!
March Communications, along with roughly 40 other PR agencies, came together to…

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March Communications and over 30 public relations firms in Boston have come together to form Boston PRoud, an evening to raise money for The One Fund. PR Newswire and Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey have generously agreed to sponsor the night.
The event…

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We Want You

LinkedIn is all upside as a career development resource for users, and as such has become a double-edged sword for employers. Companies can now easily recruit top-level talent that perhaps isn’t even looking for a new job, which is great for the…

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We’re excited to announce that March PR has joined the Publicity Club of New England, also known as the Pub Club.
The region’s oldest professional organization for public relations, communications, special events, and marketing professionals, the Pub Club provides its members with…

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On Thursday, October 25th, please join the March Communications team for our Last Thursday networking event at The Living Room from 6 – 8 pm.
We kicked off this monthly networking initiative at the Ruby Room in September and had a wonderful…

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Coming up on our eighth summer in business, I was reflecting on the years and how our training has evolved.  With 21 team members ranging from interns and account coordinators up to VPs our training requirements are pretty varied.
About two years…

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In my final post of the PRWeek Insider column series, you’ll learn your ABCs – Answer, bridge, conclude.
When speaking with the media, it’s important to establish an objective for the interview, outlining what you intend to accomplish. Make sure the objective aligns…

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